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About Suzie


My name is Suzie Solomon and I turned 65 in March this year. Yay! Social security – although I don’t get very much because I have been a musician all my life!

It has been a great life and I love music, and that is why I want to share it. My dad sang from the minute he got up in the morning until the minute he went to sleep. I am sure that is where my love of music comes from. Plus, my parents insisted that I take piano lessons beginning at the age of nine. I continued for many years and became a very good pianist. They borrowed a violin from my aunt, which I still have and perform with, and I started in the orchestra at the elementary school when I was 10 years old. I ask for a guitar for Christmas that year after watching the movie Your Cheatin’ Heart, the life story of Hank Williams. I was already babysitting and making my own money, so I went to the music store and bought a book of Hank Williams songs and I still have that book, too! I added other stringed instruments later in high school. Mandolin, banjo, mountain dulcimer. I eventually I got an autoharp and ukulele. Later I picked up the standup bass. When people ask how I can play so many instruments I tell them that they all have strings and there is a lot of crossover.

So, if you enjoy playing the ukulele in this open tuning and want more of a challenge, the next is to learn the actual chords which coincide with guitar chords – but that is another story, another book and another journey!

For now just enjoy making music and having fun in this easy and relaxing 2-chord way!


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